At Medfidence, we specialize in billing, sales and marketing for CGX, PGX and Toxicology.

Our services include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Consulting Services
  • Billing
  • Sales & Marketing

Physician practices, Surgical centres, hospitals, and laboratories across the USA operate more efficiently everyday with AIMA.

Medfidence¬†builds close relationships with it’s clients. Your business success is our passion and ambition.

Operating within the healthcare sector brings variable custom challenges, whether it be maximising your reimbursements, growth, maintaining strict standards against industry benchmarks on compliance or building patient service initiatives.

Our services provide experienced, knowledgeable solutions to your operating problems and growth goals in one tailored package for you.

The Medfidence range of services include everything from field specific transcription, credentialing/contracting, robust advanced Revenue Cycle Management, EHR Administration, Coding and financial health audits and many more including totally customized administration solutions to support your resources and your software.

Industry specific knowledge, exposure and experience is needed when building efficiency in any sector. AIMA can work with you to achieve set targets or goals, financial incentives are available within the health industry and we can help you to achieve these.

Let Medfidence build you a tailored package today!