• STEP 1: Know The Stats

    In the 1970's, cancer hit at a rate of one in every 4. Today the rate of new cancer diagnosis is three in every 4. The hype is real, click for current listing of CDC cancer statistics.
  • STEP 2: Know The Signs

    Most people ignore the warning signs of cancer in the early stages, signs that are fairly easy to identify if you know what you're looking for. Click for symptoms of various cancers.
  • STEP 3: Know Your Number

    Don't trust your health to Dr. Google, take the test instead. Medfidence Genetic Cancer Screening can give you absolute and accurate information on the likelihood of you getting cancer before it starts.

Who Needs Genetic Testing?

If you are between the ages of 35-75, chances are there are two or more people in your own family that has had to deal with some kind of cancer. A mother with breast cancer, a father with prostate cancer, a sister with skin cancer, and the list goes on. Some cancers are caused by external sources like smoking, exposure to asbestos, poor diet, etc. But many cancers are hereditary, and this is where Medfidence comes in.

Genetic Cancer Screening can be expensive, but a simple visit to your doctor can determine if you qualify for it to be covered by your insurance. The Medfidence network of doctors and testing labs can eliminate the hassle and legwork of doing it yourself, and get you results quickly and easily.


Cancer is personal. My family is a normal American family, just like yours. And maybe like your family, we’ve been hit hard by cancer. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and died of lung cancer. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and also died of lung cancer. My older brother lost his bladder to cancer, as well as his prostate. My younger brother has prostate cancer last year. I had to have a MOHS procedure due to skin cancer on my forehead.

See what I’m talking about? For many people, cancer is sadly a family affair, and much of it is due to genetics.

Instead of sitting around and wondering if cancer is preparing to strike, wouldn’t you like to know before it does?